License Type Offerings, Including Subscriptions

We offer license types to support a wide range of licensing models and business needs. Below is an overview of the most commonly used license types.

Perpetual License

(Full) License

The License license type is the most general type and is used for typical license sales where few, if any, restrictions will be made. The License type can be time-restricted by assigning an end-date or a number of days, and you can also choose to restrict transferability between user accounts.

Subscription License


Subscription licenses allow you to offer your products based on customizable recurring subscription period. This "pay-to-play" model gives your customers a low monetary threshold to begin using your product. Subscription licenses are not transferable between different user accounts.

This license type may be used with Subscription Collections, which are special product collections that allow you to continue to add products to the collection even after you've delivered it to your customer. When you add a new product, it is delivered to all users who currently have the collection.

Trial License

Trial & Trial Extensions

Trial/Demo licenses must be time-limited and are used to allow potential customers to try out your product. Trial licenses are subject to a feature called location enforcement which restricts a trial to being used only once per user account or iLok, thereby preventing multiple-trial abuse.

If you want to allow a user another trial opportunity, you would need to use the license type Trial Extension. These two license types are not transferable between different user accounts.

Timed License


Rental licenses require a time-restriction to be defined and are not transferable between user accounts.

Not For Resale (NFR) License

Not For Resale (NFR)

Not for Resale licenses are to be used for promotional purposes and may be restricted by a time-limit. NFR licenses cannot be transferred between user accounts and may also be exempt from PACE fees.

Backup License

Sharable Licenses

PACE supports multi-seat licenses that can be shared across a local area network. Sharable licenses help users of your product easily manage licenses for multiple copies of your software across their site or facility. Setting up the license server and connecting the client computer to the server is simple with no additional network configuration required. From large facilities with hundreds of licenses to smaller facilities using just a few licenses, the sharing of licenses over a network has always been a top feature request.

Shareable Diagram

Software authorization provided over a LAN by a license on License Server

In the above example, out of a pool of 25 license seats, 4 are in use by client computers. These seats are released when the client quits the application using the license.

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