iLok Cloud


iLok Cloud is an entirely new approach to software license protection. With iLok Cloud, software publishers can offer their users quick and easy access to their licenses from any computer with an internet connection. With PACE’s easy to use licensing, your customers can be in complete control of their licenses within the boundaries you set, iLok cloud services does the rest.

iLok Cloud User Experience

Upon launching iLok Cloud protected software, the user will be prompted to provide their username and password. That’s it—the iLok protected software is now ready for use without any dongles, or having to use a specific authorized computer.


iLok Cloud

iLok Cloud adds the convenience of cloud license storage, yet retains the same level of robust security as our popular iLok USB smart key. iLok Cloud also removes the risk of lost or damaged iLok USB smart keys and computers.

Simple Deployment

Upgrade to the Eden 4.0.0 SDK, create a new Rule for iLok Cloud, and simply select that rule when creating a new product. If you are fully protecting your product by using Fusion along with the Pace wrapper, use the Dynamic License Checks (DLC) feature if you wish to offer your product on the iLok Cloud.

For PACE customers with existing iLok enabled products in the market we recommend selling iLok Cloud enabled versions as an “upgrade” to existing products. Customers will surrender existing licenses for new cloud enabled versions that work with Eden 4.0.0 protected binaries.


How Much Security Am I Getting?

If you’re not currently fully protecting your product by using Fusion, creating new iLok Cloud enabled versions is a great opportunity to add Fusion binary protection.

Fusion is a means by which portions of your source code are uniquely obfuscated and the binary tied, or ‘fused’, to Eden’s licensing platform and iLok Cloud’s periodic license calls in a highly obscured manner and on a per-product instance basis. Not only is the resultant product incredibly hard to attack, the protection’s per-product nature means that a successful attack against one binary does not yield useful information for attacking another.

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