PACE Central

Along with the use of our tools, everything you need to sign and protect your binary, distribute licenses, and support your customers can be done on our secure web portal, PACE Central.

We provide license management services through APIs and our secure web portal. You can easily create licensing protocols and save them as templates to use over and over again. The ability to deliver and support your licenses is always just a click away.

Flexible Licensing Models


Licensing needs vary by industry and by customer. We support a wide range of license types: perpetual or restricted (by time) along with the ability to specify behavioral constraints such as allowed activation location, resale eligibility, and concurrent activation count for the delivered licenses.

Examples of licenses types:

  • Perpetual license: full license to authorize your software
  • Subscription: renews after a specified amount of time
  • Trial license: requires a time restriction
  • Rental license: requires a time restriction and is ineligible for resale
  • Not For Resale: time restriction is optional, ineligible for resale
  • Demo license delivered with protected binary: allows user to demo your software without contacting you to get a license

Examples of restrictions:

  • Time: assign an explicit end-date or a license period (such as 15 days)
  • Concurrent Activations: allow one or multiple concurrent activations of the license
  • Activation Location: choose from iLoks, only 2nd generation iLoks, or iLoks and computer locations
  • Resale eligibility: choose whether or not to allow a license to be transferred to another account (can require your approval)

Our modular design allows you to define sets of license behaviors, then use those settings across your product library as applicable.

Providing A Demo License at Product Launch

Do you want to provide a potential customer with a way to try your product without contacting you for a trial license? At the time you protect you product, you can optionally assign a restricted license to be delivered and specify what will happen when the demonstration period is over.

Creating, Delivering and Supporting Licenses

We make it simple for you to define and configure your security settings and apply them to your products. Our secure web portal, PACE Central, handles all aspects of configuring your security and license settings. Our command line tools are then used in conjunction with our web services to protect your binaries and content. PACE Central or our web services may then be used to deliver licenses to your customers. PACE Central offers an easy way to distribute licenses and support your customers.

Access Control

Our powerful web portal includes access control to support your team dynamic. You have the ability to create custom access groups with fine-tuned access privileges.

We look forward to hearing from you

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