Product Licensing with Less Hassle

If your customer's first interaction with your product is frustrating or they perceive it as too complicated, you may have already lost the sale. We never want to see that happen.

First impressions are very important. Our in-application activation experience allows you to customize the look and feel of that first encounter and show your customer something they may be more familiar with. The activation experience is highly configurable, and you have complete control over branding. Our goal is to help you get your customers up and running quickly. If a protected product is run without a valid license present, the splash screen that is displayed can be a simple welcome mat or a set of instructions - the choice is yours. You can upload any image to be that first impression.

Easy Activation

Our web portal, PACE Central, allows you to define your customer's activation experience by choosing from a variety of options.

Activation Experience Screenshots

When a product that you have protected with Eden Tools does not find a valid license, you may give the customer the ability to activate the product directly from your software.

If there is a valid license in their account or an activation code has been provided, this process is very simple. Clicking on the 'Activate' button brings the user to either a code entry or a login page. The user can quickly choose where the license will be activated, iLok or computer (if allowed for the product), and just like that, they are good to go. The activation process takes only seconds and that means happy customers.

How it Works


What happens if your customer launches your product and no license is found? The experience configuration settings you choose define the flow.

When a protected binary is launched and a valid license is not detected, the Activation Experience is displayed. Depending on the settings you've chosen, the user will see Try, Quit, and Activate buttons.

The Try button gives the user a pre-defined demonstration period (see more details below). The Activate button leads the user through your defined flow and will show an activation code entry form if appropriate. The Activation Experience communicates to our activation server and allows the user to sign in and activate their license immediately without exiting the launch sequence. Activation occurs in-line, with your branded graphics, and is fast.

Product Demo at Launch

As a publisher, you decide if you will allow an instant demo during launch. You can let an unlicensed user try your product by including a Trial/Demo license in the binary itself. The Try button is a great way to provide a seamless “Gotta try it... Gotta have it!” experience, turning potential customers into paying customers.

Activation Codes

Activation codes are special codes that your customer can redeem for a license for your product. The codes are extremely flexible. You can make codes that can only be redeemed once or redeemed many times. Maybe you only want to allow a single redemption of a code per account. Whatever the case, configuring the code to do what you want is simple and straightforward.

There are several custom fields than you can utilize for tracking. For instance you can monitor which code redemptions came from codes delivered through a certain publication, website, or sales outlet. Once you've defined your code settings in our Code Factory, it's a quick click to make additional batches of codes to replenish your stock.

End-users love how simple it is to redeem a code. In addition to being able to copy and paste codes into the Activation Experience or the iLok License Manager application, users can click on a "magic link" to begin the redemption process. You can construct these simple links and provide them in an email or on your website. Licenses are deposited immediately upon code redemption, any day, any hour.

Custom Activation & Activation Agent


You may want to bypass the PACE interface and construct your own custom activation experience. Our API allows you to accomplish simple sign-in, activate, and deactivate operations. Your custom experience can be branded any way you wish, and if you allow activation to a computer, you can avoid PACE branding completely.

A step beyond custom activation is acting as an activation agent. An activation agent is given the ability to perform simple license management for their own products or those of other publishers. A use-case for this would be for an online store or in-app purchase. Without leaving that environment, the agent would have the user sign in to an account, then utilizing an OAuth path, the agent's service would communicate to our activation server to deposit a new license and activate it to a valid location. This opens up a new world of opportunities for all publishers.

We look forward to hearing from you

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