Software Monetization

Be PACE-Protected

You already have the software, but you still haven't reached a level of profitability that allows your software to work for you?

Stop losing revenue and protect your product with PACE.

With over 30 years of experience in software security solutions PACE has developed a robust software monetization platform that grows with your software and revenue. We currently have over 32 million active software licenses for our customers - we know your software protection and monetization needs.

We Protect Monetize Your Revenue

If you have a sophisticated and feature-rich offering, but don't have flexible licensing and pricing models your product won't be ready for the next stage of growth and demand from your end users. Alternatively, are you concerned about reverse engineering attacks? Perhaps you’d love to create an easy to use license activation experience for your customers?

PACE is ready to provide you with solutions to get your software on the path to being protected and monetized.

Protecting yourself against software piracy and similar issues is an ongoing battle, and the losses can be huge. Without the right protection, you could quickly lose revenue or market share, and your reputation as a publisher could be at stake. To effectively respond to these challenges consider PACE’s software monetization services.

We help you secure your most vulnerable asset, so you can focus on profitable development and serving your end users.

Gain Control and Management Over Your Software

At PACE we prevent software piracy by equipping you with powerful licensing software, and ultimately monetizing your product. We can stop code theft, tampering, and reverse engineering while maintaining a monetization system focused on your bottom line.

All software that is still in development keeps evolving to provide better operational efficiency and options for the end user. Unfortunately, with every new stage of evolution comes new security threats. We know from experience that having a robust and consistently updated software protection and licensing system is essential to your software monetization strategy.

PACE provides you with the control and flexibility that allows your software monetization and development to prepare for the next exciting steps of evolution in your software. Throughout your software's process of growth, you need to be able to protect the integrity of your product and your brand's reputation. We help you do just that.

Control is a critical factor in effective software monetization management. Our software monetization and licensing packages provide full support for your product at every stage.

Experience PACE’s software monetization solutions alongside robust security and effective response

Your software is dynamic in content and function. We match your product with the same dynamism. We offer a combination of multiple techniques that support and bolster the progression and productivity of your software. Our savvy security and licensing management solutions produce you more money. PACE’s software monetization solutions have been engineered to focus on your bottom line.

We offer you a complete software protection service. In fact, it is more than complete. PACE’s services support your software through the complete product development lifecycle. Our solutions for you are smart and flexible to suit your software’s development needs.

PACE has smart and dynamic software security and licensing monetization solutions

PACE is your muscle in the fight so that you can give 100% focus on the growth and development for your software. Our software monetization has sophisticated anti-piracy and IP protection techniques to bring you flexibility when creating pricing and packaging strategies for your product.

With our software monetization management service, we help you secure your licensing and monetization systems so you can focus on producing great products and services for your end users.

Experience Complete Software Monetization Management

At PACE we have many different strategies in which we can increase the profitability of your software. We offer robust flexibility that protects, strengthens, and leads your software through the product development lifecycle - a complete package.

The Benefits of Our Software Monetization Services:

Data and tracking systems

With our software licensing's data and tracking systems you can enjoy adapting to new customer requirements quickly. Our data and tracking systems allow you to easily capitalize on what your end users want to pay for.

Flexible license models

We offer flexible license models that help you gain an understanding of how customers want to pay for your software. Through our platform, you can even design different licensing models such as; Perpetual, Subscription, Rental, Trials, and more.

Subscription support

We have simplified our low-cost subscription software protection service for easier control.

Multiple Delivery Channels

We help you deliver licenses to your end users in real time. They can choose between license activation codes, a web portal, and even an API.

Custom Protection settings

Design a security model that works best for your operations. Our software protection services allow you to choose the level of protection you want for your product.

Easy-to-Manage Licenses

Our system gives your end users the power to manage their software licenses with our iLok License Manager, reducing your customer support.

A robust software monetization policy is about reducing and controlling costs, so that your revenue increases. It is crucial that all the monetization systems supporting your software's development help you effectively price, package, and manage your product offerings.

At PACE we provide robust and smooth development for your software