Software Licenseing

Do you have outstanding, one-of-a-kind software?

PACE takes your earning potential seriously

We help you beat the competition — so you get to focus on growing your business. Our software licensing platform allows you to offer your customers flexible licensing options tailored to your specific target users. You choose the level of software protection and the right mix of software licensing models to dominate your market and crush your sales forecast.

Benefits of Our Software Licensing Platform

  • Gain new customers with new more flexible licensing models
  • Reduce integration cost - new licensing models can be launched in minutes, not months
  • Better control of your licensing, which means increased revenue
  • Robust IP protection

Do you want to transform the way you sell and acquire more customers?

Our licensing options are easy to configure and manage. Deliver the product offerings your customers are asking for — let us assist you in helping your product grow. We offer a license type to support every business model. Find unconquered paths to revenue - PACE will help you continually evolve and delight your customers. In fact, we bet your users have been waiting for this.

Perpetual License

(Full) License

This is our typical offer where few restrictions will be made. The (Full) License type can be time-restricted by assigning an end date or number of days or restricted in its transferability between user accounts.



Get customizable, recurring subscription periods. Our "pay-to-play" model gives your users low pricing options to begin using your product. Subscription licenses are not transferable between different user accounts.


Trials / Trial Extensions

These license types must be time-limited and are used to target potential customers through trials or demos.

Rent to Own


Rental licenses require a time-restriction to be defined and are not transferable between user accounts.

Not For Resale

Not For Resale (NFR)

Not for Resale licenses can be used for promotional purposes and can be restricted by a time-limit. NFR licenses cannot be transferred between user accounts.

Usage Based

Usage-Based Licenses

Usage-Based licenses can be configured to count up to allow for periodic billing (monthly billing for example) or count down to enable prepaid usage.


Sharable Licenses

Sharable licenses help users easily manage licenses for multiple copies of your software across their site or facility. Multi-seat licenses can be shared across a local area network.

We give you the means to offer solutions to your customers

Let your software easily slip into your users' hands. You'll be free to create, and your users will be thanking you for picking PACE.

Our focus is on providing the licensing platform and application security solution, so you can then develop great products for your customers. At PACE, we help you take advantage of your creativity in growing your intellectual property.

  • Licenses You Define — Using our PACE Central portal you can create licenses for any business scenario. Our services can even be concealed within the activation flow; you have complete control.
  • Multiple Ways to Deliver Licenses — Licenses can be generated individually, in batches using our “PACE Central Code Factory”, or on-demand by your eCommerce systems via our Eden Remote API’ - and enabling third-party distribution is a standard feature of the PACE License Management solution
  • Licenses Your Users Can Manage — Using our free iLok License Manager app, your customers can be self-sufficient and users will have full visibility and control over the licenses they have purchased.
  • Flexible Security Design — You can create the level of protection and apply unique protection per product - from low levels to high levels.

We make it easy for you and your customers

Choose the license location best suited for your user base. You can permit your end users to store their licenses in any combination of authorized storage locations.

iLok USB Smart Key, iLok Cloud, Host Computer
iLok USB Smart Key
iLok USB Smart Key, iLok Cloud, Host Computer
Host Computer

Be PACE-Protected

We stop software security from being a never-ending battle for you.

Security and license management go hand in hand. At PACE, we’ve leveraged our years of cryptography and binary protection excellence. We offer flexible software licensing with the latest security methods.