PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. is a privately held company based in San Jose, California. Since 1985, PACE has provided software publishers and distributors with high-quality solutions for secure software distribution. PACE products are used by a growing number of world-class software publishers around the world.

Our Client List

PACE’s products are used by an ever growing number of world-class software publishers around the world. Current and past PACE Customers include AbbeyRoad/EMI, Adobe, Antares Technology (Auto-Tune), Apple Computer, AudioEase, AVID/Digidesign, Brother International, Celemony, Corel, Cycling74, Dolby Laboratories, DTS, Inc., DxO Labs, EastWest Soundsonline, Electronic Arts, FontWorks Japan, Follett Corporation, Harman International/Lexicon, InstallShield Software, Korg, Line6, Massenburg DesignWorks, Mark of the Unicorn, McDowell Signal Processing, Morisawa and Company, Nemetchek America, Network Associates/Netscout, Nikon, Notionmusic, Philips, Sanyo, Softube, Sonic Solutions, Sonivox, Sonnox Plugins, SoundToys, Unity3D, US Cost, Verance, Waves, The Walt Disney Company, Write Brothers Inc, plus over 300 Pro Audio software companies.

Our History

  • iLok USB - Third Generation
  • Subscription Licensing
  • Sharable Licensing
  • iLok License Manager
  • iLok USB - Second Generation
  • license managment
  • iLok USB - First Generation
  • Floppy Disc